Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dinner and Dessert - Mel Afoa

It's half past eight,

Five minutes before the knocks come.

Barcardi and a few Gold bottles,

Stand alongside the tallow candles on the dining table,

Delicate rose petals acting as a puddle around them.

The lights are dim,

Air thick with the smell of bolognese,

And a bit of Red Door.

A Man's Thoughts on replay,

Quietly adding to the atmosphere.

The place is decorated intimately,




She stands there,

Biting the upper lip,

She coated a few minutes ago.

Russian red,

With a bit of gloss.

Seven-inch red heels wrapped around each foot,

A silk-red robe wrapped around her body,

And nothing else.

To unlock the door,

Or answer?
It is the most important question,

To a woman with sexual knowledge.

Stand at the door and give a proper greeting,

Or let him find his prize,

Difficult prediciment indeed.

She chooses the latter,

And unlocks the front door with haste,

Before turning towards the bedroom,

And preparing herself for what is to come.

He comes home from work,

Ten minutes behind his usual time.

Tired, sore and a tad bit horny.

Mood low,

He stumbles into the apartment,

Grumpy from all the traffic.

Making a note to ask his woman why the door was unlocked,

He locks it,

And sniffs the air.

She's home.

And she cooked.

He looks around the kitchen,

Walks around the dining room,

Noticing the intimate touches.

The lit candles,

The half-filled wine glasses,

Pony in the background,

Bedroom door ajar.

He smiles.

He knows what dessert is.

A woman's best power is seduction.

One soft touch,

And it's over.

Men know this,

And purposely fall.

She knows this,

And uses it to the best of her ability,

So when he walks into the bedroom,

A loud groan is immediately released,

And his work bag is automatically dropped.

She is smiling,

Because it took less than two seconds.

As usual.

He stands there,

Hand on the door,

Eyes focused solely on his woman,

Spread out on the bed,

In his favourite red robe of hers,

Legs spread open,

Feet adorned in those sexy black heels,

Curly hair sprung around her shoulders,

Tied up.

He releases a loud groan,

Ignoring the grin she is also wearing.

He can't tear his eyes from the ropes holding her wrists,

Can't figure out how she managed it,

And couldn't even care less.

All he can see is his woman and her treasure,

And he can't wait to bury himself in it.

There is no time for a greeting,

A small, "How was work?".

No mention of the traffic on the M5,

What foods were eaten by both parties today,

Or the events that were lived.

Straight to dessert it is.

He locks the bedroom door,

And then proceeds to stare.

She meets his gaze,

And with deliberate slowness,

Lifts both legs,

And spreads wider.

"Don't move an inch", he croaks out,

And keeps staring.

He walks towards her,

Almost as if he is a predator,

About to take down the biggest catch of the century.

Steady fingers reach out to her robe,

And within seconds,

The knot becomes undone,

And the cold air is felt.

He doesn't know how,

Or when it happened,

But he's already naked,

Plunging in and out of his woman.

The sheer sight of her,

Body coated in baby oil,

Perky breasts jiggling,

Skin shining with anticipated sweat,

Was enough to get him into gear,

And bring his thick cock out of hiding.

He growls possively,

Gliding his hands onto her hips,

Curvy and fittingly made to grasp onto,

And pushes himself more into her,

Hearing her small, "fuck!",

Her increasingly loud pants and moans,

Satisfying beyond belief.

It is the a great thing,

And a beautiful sight,

To see your woman,


Body coated in both baby oil and her sweat,

Getting pushed up and down,

Eyes half open,

Mouth slightly open,

Legs spread wide,

Arms tied to your bed railing,



The imagery is enough to encourage a cold shower.

He sees all this,

And bathes in it.

He sees the way her eyes keep rolling upwards,

Feels the way she tightens when he pushes too deep.

Hears the way she keeps whispering, "more",


Round three is spent against the bed railing.

Back against it,

Legs bent forward and wide,

Mouth full.

He hovers over her,


Encouraging her as she takes more of him in.

The view he has is spectacular.

Somehow he managed to replace half the baby oil,

With his essence.

Her hair needs a good wash now.

Never dropping her gaze on him,

She flattens her tongue more,

And he pushes in further.

Deciding to become rough,

He pulls out,

Giving her no time to take her breath,

Before plunging back in her.

Her gagging sounds against him,

Gives him all the more pleasure.

The thought of eating her next,

Is enough to send him overboard,

And within a minute,

He's added more essence onto her body.

"Baby...", she whispers,

And he knows what she wants.

He softly kisses her lips,

Smiling at his woman covered in all of his,

And pulls at her hips,

Position back to the beginning,

Legs spread bent and wide,

His woman's assets all on show.

His hands push her legs further,

And he leans forward towards,

Head in between her thighs,

Loving the way it gleams with his cum.

Wet, and waiting.

And without further ado,

He begins his dinner.

The ropes are untied an hour later,

But that doesn't stop him.

He still makes love to her lips,

Teeth pulling at her tight nipples,

Tongue licking between her thighs,

Whispering in her ear,

Biting her earlobes,

And continues possively covering her body with all of him.

The bolognese long forgotten.

Dinner and dessert...

 Back They Go

Don't need no bullshit,

Don't need your pity,

Take back those voicemails,

Mixed love songs CD.

The box of chocolates,

Pictures on my wall,

Gluetacked to the mirrors,

Behind the bedroom door.

Take the beautiful black dress,

The belts and the bag,

All those jewellery pieces,

Dior watch from the mag.

The anniversary rings,

Diamonds in a metal,

The vase with all the tulips,

Got a score to settle.

What about all the letters,

The ones ending with 'love you',

The X and the Os,

Too good to be true.

Might as well take it,

The words you would say,

Biggest lies of the century,

Used to make my day.

Pleading you to take the adventures,

Park dates, nights on the beach,

The hour-long phone calls,

The advice you'd preach.

Take bag the big hugs,

The cuddles, back they go,

Coz I started mailing,

When I saw you and the hoe.

So take back those kisses,

The body-tingling feels,

Coz your infidelity,

Sealed the deal.

Take back the memories,

The promises that were small,

Closed, wrapped, delivered,

Don't want none of that shit,

At all.






Thursday, January 08, 2015

Taking The Reins
(Inspired by 'Pony' - Ginuwine)

He sits quietly beside me,
Watching a tennis game.
Lounging on the sofa,
Feet up on the coffee table,
One arm wrapped around me,
The other holding the remote,
Jeans wrapped perfectly around his lower half,
And nothing else.
From my view,
Head on his shoulder,
One arm on his waist,
I see the front clearly.
I could see the dust on his coffee table,
The bread crumbs next to the TV,
The subtle finger marks on the cabinet,
A small fly on the wall above it,
And his hard-on.
A bump in his jeans.

I sit beside him,
Ready, willing.
Three months,
Waiting for him to initiate his move,
Take his moves to the next level.
Three months is a decade.
I waited for his kisses to go even deeper,
And his lips to gravitate lower,
And lower.
The subtle grabs on his boxers and pants,
Should've been hints.
Even the bites on his ear as he cooked in the kitchen,
The delicate strokes of my fingers on his back,
Walking around the kitchen in nothing but his Vikings singlets,
Smelling his neck as he cuddled up to me in bed,
Dominating his mouth when our tongues battled,
Waking him up, licking his lips,
Grinding on his hips,
Unbuttoning those blasted buttons.
But alas,
"Baby, stop tempting me. I'm trying to be a gentleman".
Is usually the reply I get.

If not for the groans and moans I hear,
When I purposely wear no bra or underwear to sleep every night,
The feel of his raging hard-on pressing against my body every morning,
The intimate stares I feel when walking around his apartment in small dresses,
Or when modelling a new bra in front of his mirror,
I would've thought he batted for the other team.
I see the lick of his lips as he watches me,
Especially when he thinks I'm sleeping.
Going out of my business to make him see,
To get him to feel,
How much I need him,
To put that firefighter outfit on,
And extinguish the fire between my legs.

He sits there,
Paying half-attention the commercial on car tires.
Trying to hide his erection,
The red on both his cheeks and his neck,
 Tells me all I need to know.
It's time to strike.

I unwrap my arm from around him,
Kissing his cheek softly,
Before heading towards his bedroom,
Closing the door halfway.
Taking off the sweats and the singlet,
But leaving on the socks.
He told me he liked the thought of them in bed,
Walked to the stereo,
After grabbing my weapon,
The one that was going to get me what I've been wanting to get,
The music starts playing,
And I make sure to leave it on a suitable volume,
Quiet enough not to disturb his tennis game,
But loud enough for him to come investigate.
I get comfortable.
The purple thong comes off.
No bra, just socks.
Spread out,
Back on the bed,
One arm holding onto his bed-sheets underneath,
The other holding onto my vibrator.
And alas,
The game has begun.

I'm just a bachelor, I'm looking for a partner.
Somebody who knows how to ride, without even falling off.
It enters.
Slowly, gently.
The feeling of something foreign inside me,
Quickly ignites a small moan,
Forcing a tighter grab of the sheets,
As the vibrator slowly starts to disappear.
It doesn't even need to be on,
For my moaning to start.
Imagining his big erection in me,
Stretching the walls,
Opening all doors,
Is enough to lubricate the vibrator.
I close my eyes,
And let my body take over,
Following the lyrics,
Letting it take control.


The tip of the vibrator disappears,
Before appearing once more.
I moan louder than the music,
Using my other hand to massage the g-spot,
He'll be hitting soon enough,
Hopefully if the plan works,
In a few minutes.
Massage, in, out.
Massage, in, out.
The pattern is set.
The urge to call his name out loud,
And force him to watch me pleasure myself is getting desperate,
So a pillow corner is put into my mouth,
To cover the excessive groans,
As the vibrator starts up.

Muffled swear words and extended Ginuwine is all that is heard,
For the next four minutes.

If you're horny, let's do it,
Ride it, my pony,
My saddle's waiting,
Come and jump on it.
I'm about to enter serious territory,
Cloud nine.
The speed is fast enough for me,
Knuckles are wet,
Thighs are sweaty,
Pussy juice flowing.
Arching my back,
I start to pant hard.
I'm about to jump off the edge,
Getting ready to leave wet spots on his bed,
When suddenly,
The vibrator is yanked out.

He stands at the foot of the bed,
Between my legs,
And naked.
Jeans off, raging hard-on.
Seven inches of it's glory,
Standing to attention.
Vibrator in his right hand,
His stare is plainly focused between my thighs,
Intimate, heated,
We say nothing to each other for a minute,
And hallelujah,
The game has become interesting,
For he slowly crawls onto the bed,
His heated stare straying nowhere,
Closer and closer it goes until it is right there,
Where his gaze was stuck.

"You little minx", he says slowly,
And then everything goes into slow motion.
I moan as I see his head start to lower between my legs,
And hold his stare as he starts to touch base.
Closing my eyes,
I let out a big groan,
For his tongue is immediately brought out.
He licks clits like a child licks ice-blocks.

Pushing his tongue in,
Lapping up the juice that already flowed,
For a good few minutes,
Then sucking on my sensitive clit,
Pulling it, nibbling.
Almost chewing.
I cum plenty of times.
And he slurps it all up like a slurpee.
"You win", he whispers against my pussy lips,
Before he kisses them,
And starts leaving lovebites all over my thighs.
He mutters the lyrics in the background,
While his lips etch marks into my skin,
Marking his territory,
Claiming me as his.
I'm too deep in bliss to realize,
The vibrator has been replaced.
Seven inches feels like eleven.
"Don't ever use the vibrator again", he groans,
Pushing the remainder of his cock inside.
I whimper in reply.
And then moan for him to start going faster.
He rides on me,
His hip thrusts makes Ginuwine's look G rated.
He thrusts his cock deep into me,
And then pulls out quickly,
And then repeats,
Sometimes using his fingers,
To rub my clit as he rides against me.
I don't know where I am.
And I don't even give a damn.

Just once if I have the chance, the things I would do to you,
You and your body, every single portion,
Send chills up and down your spine,
Juices flowing down your thighs.
He doesn't get it though.
I'm always in control.
He is too busy pulling in and out,
Too far gone into his lust,
To realize I'm about to flip us over.
Legs straight up in the air,
Hands held hostage by his,
Against my pillow,
It's almost impossible.
But, alas,
Riding requires saddling,
Pulling the reins,
Being on top,
Being in control.
So with alot of strength,
And a "It's my time",
I find myself on top,
And he is still in me,
Hard, waiting to be released.
It's time to ride.

Grinding on his cock,
Riding on his pony,
Hip thrust here,
Slow body roll there.
Bounce up and down,
Three times,
And then back to a grind.
Ride him like a horse rider.
Put every inch of him in.
Put it in yourself,
Then watch him,
As you start to move.
Make sure you look into his eyes,
Lick your lips,
Then grind.
Bounce always,
Make his cock twitch,
Ride him like you're on the jockey team.

If you're horny, let's do it,

Let's ride it, my pony,

My saddle's waiting,

Come and jump on it.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

1 All
Mel Afoa ©

She waits beside him as he sleeps,
A plan has formulated from within her mind,
One she figured would be an express train,
Straight to cloud nine,
For both of them.
Mostly him.

Leaning against the bed head-post,
She glances towards him with narrowed eyes.
Vividly, flashes of last night's intimate adventure,
Her mind replays,
Memories of his wondrous torture,
His sinful seduction,
Oozing through her mind and igniting her body once more,
As she reminisces.
She sits there glaring at his sleeping form,
As she starts to feel lust all over again.
Obviously, it's his fault.

A random night watching the sports channel,
Turned into a night of the wildest passion,
An innocent hand over the thigh,
Made a full one-eighty,
And by the end of the night,
She had found herself with little hope of ever recovering,
Convinced he had left her thoroughly sated,
And thoroughly covered in his substance.
He made sure to make his mark, oh yes,
Plenty of them.
She tried to think of places where his teeth had not ventured too,
Coming up empty.
Not even her ankles survived his erotic bites,
Her inner thighs proudly showcasing the most,
Claiming his territory not only her body,
But everywhere else in between.

I should've made him suffer, she silently sulks as she sits,
Watching him as he turns in his sleep beside her.
She had no choice but to play the submissive role,
For she had absolutely no chance against his lust,
Begging him to end his torture,
To give her what she terribly yearned for,
To feel the force of his member inside her,
Pushing her boundaries as far as he wanted,
And boy, did he deliver.
The aching throb between her legs was proof of that.

Five minutes later, she had completed the knot,
Smiling evilly as she admires her handiwork.
She had been on the verge of exploring between her legs,
On her own, since her finger poking on his sleeping face failed,
Desperately craving an intimate touch,
To be explored with whatever organ dared venture,
And had drawn the conclusion that her fingers would have to do.
It was then that an idea had struck,
The perfect plan,
The sweet taste of revenge.
He had tortured her body for hours,
In different places, different positions,
And without a doubt, she had known that when an opportunity,
One as great and wicked as this, came along,
It had to be seized.
Or in his case, tied up.

Starting with his mouth,
She placed a soft kiss on his lips.
A few more kisses were left,
Some followed by her tugging at his lower lip,
Biting it softly, pulling it gently,
Slowly luring him into consciousness.
A few nibbles on his lower lip,
Then it was off lower, grazing her teeth on his jawline,
Sucking on the tip of his chin.
He twitched in his sleep, causing a smirk to appear on her features.
She quickly looked to her naked reflection in the mirror,
Noting the amount of small bruises and marks on her neck.
She started on his right side,
Licking at his skin, marking her territory,
And with no restraint left, and even sanity,
She bit down, hard.
She could feel him waking up slowly,
But alas, a plan was full in effect, with no stop button to be pressed,
And as he tried to slowly piece together what was happening,
Happily leaving lovebites, she was.

It takes a minute for his mind to make sense of what is happening,
But it is obvious that the enlarged bulge under the thing sheet,
Woke up before his mind did.
She laughs at his groggy state, pausing her exploration of his chest,
Before continuing the lengthy strokes of her tongue,
Holding his hips with her hands as she licks away,
Eyes closed, tongue out, in cloud nine.
Soon after, her eyes snap open and meets his as she feels him sit up,
Giggles filling the room as she watches him struggle,
His right arm tied tightly to the bedpost above his head.
Her turn.
Narrowed eyes is what she meets when she brings her gaze to his,
His mouth forming a small 'O',
Shock, lust, love and excitement swimming in his eyes,
Sheer lust the current dominator, though.
She ignores his, “What are you up to?”,
Instead focusing on throwing away the bed sheet that covers him,
For role-play can only last too long,
And explorations must come to a stand still;
Ain't nobody got time for that right now.

She pulls off the sheet, and watches with awe,
As his growing member stands tall and proud,
Almost as if it were up against a wall,
Hard and firm,
Ready to be touched.
Trailing her arms slowly down his sides,
She sits herself prettily on his hard thighs,
Bent low so his eyesight will have a wonderful view.
She pokes her tongue out, watching his eyes follow the movement,
And slowly, leans until the tip of her tongue,
Wet and ready,
Remains two inches from the tip of his member.
Deciding to swirl her tongue around it, without any touching,
She focuses on doing so,
Laughing inside as he groans.
Soon, her swirling turns even more teasing,
And without any warning,
Her tongue licks the tip.
She waits ten seconds, before licking the top once more.
Waiting another ten.
He starts the cuss at her, impatient and ready,
Nothing but lust swimming around in the bedroom.

Five minutes later,
She is going hard at her sucking.
He watches fascinated as she sucks,
Taking every inch in,
Nose right in on the thickness of his meat,
Bobbing up and down as she keeps her eyes on him,
Determined to send him into a state of frenzy.
He knows he should feel the pain of his right arm,
But at the moment, caring is the last thing he is doing,
Watching as she expertly takes his large member,
In and out, out and in,
Licking, rubbing and nibbling,
When she feels the need to pause her torture.
She knows what she is doing, that is sure.
Killing him, is what she has mastered.
One moment she would have her mouth full,
And then the next, she would just be straddling his hips,
Staring at him while he tries to move them,
Watching him wither.
He knows this is her revenge,
And so far she is playing well,
Smart he is, for he knows the torture won't dare finish,
Until he pleads.
He is a man, one with pride,
And prolonging it is his plan,
However, he can only remain stubborn for so long.
Her tongue will make sure of that.

She is determined to hurry up the process,
So she brings out the next best idea in her book.
The deadliest torture one can tease a man with.
She smiles as she releases his hips,
And with one last lick on his member,
She moves her body so that it is in the wanted position,
Her pink mound right next to his groin,
legs bent over his, her perfect behind on the bed between his legs,
And with determination, she sets off to work.

His eyes nearly fall out of their socket when he watches her,
Berating himself for not realising her plan sooner.
She is the devil, the evillest woman of sin.
He cannot look away from her as she sits opposite him,
Pleasuring herself.
Right next to him.
On top of his thighs.
Out of reach.
His eyes are fixed on her fingers,
Watching as they swiftly work in and out of her jewel,
Disappearing for a second, before appearing once more,
The process continuing on for what he feels is hours.
A minute more and his cock will fall off.
He nearly gives in when he sees that her fingers are glistening.
And just about dies when he watches as she slowly,
Teasingly, eyes never straying from his,
Places her fingers straight into her own mouth, and sucks away.
She is the devil reincarnated.
And she knows it.

There's no denying how much fun she is having,
Torturing him as he watches her pleasure herself,
Watching every single movement,
His expression glazed, hard-on full in view,
Throbbing, wanting to be touched.
She tortures him even further by moving forward,
And swiftly placing his member into her mould,
And then thrusting her hips around,
Watching him groan with satisfaction and need,
Eyes closed, his free hand digging into her hips.
She laughs, before hopping off,
Smirking as she sees him open his eyes immediately,
Looking at her questionably,
She giggles, before pleasuring herself once more.

It takes ten more minutes of her hopping on and off,
At the most random times,
Just when he feels he is about to start increasing the pace,
Before he finally pleads with her,
Begs her to untie his arm,
So that he could be released from his prison,
And satisfy his hunger.
When she decides his continuous pleading is enough,
Untie him, she does,
And she is immediately commanded to turn around and bend,
On her arms and knees.
Head down, ass up.
She giggles, submitting.
He wastes no time in pounding that pootang.

Around noon, he realises one thing as he lies in bed,
Arms wrapped tightly around her,
Holding her as she sleeps.
Why didn't he use his free hand to untie himself?
Him = 1, Her = 1.
She was good, he'd give her that.
He couldn't wait to see who won the next round.

Monday, April 07, 2014

The Music Store

Four minutes after the local music store supposedly closes,
I push against the closing door,
A plead for the owner to let me in for a few minutes more,
Drilled in my head, hovering on my lips,
In search for Goodie Mobb's Soul Food,
The desperation and anticipation of holding it physically,
A fire seeking a put out.
Squeezing through as the gap closes,
Silently rejoicing for the Indiana Jones slide move,
Taking a slight pause for air to re-enter my body,
I turn, and soon wish I hadn't.
If not for the slightly-tight wife-beater,
The grey baggy Bonds sweats hugging his lower half,
I would've thought he got lost on his way to a model shoot.
In that instant, the blush had risen dramatically,
Thoughts of pulling down the baggy sweats swimming,
The lust still hovering from afternoon tea,
Spent at home, behind closed curtains, underneath the sheets,
Watching videos enough to send a heart into a frenzy,
Eyes into a flutter, words into a stutter,
And the power to offer a trip through cloud nine.
The intense look he was giving me at that moment,
Helped as much as a worn out tire,
The pot of lust was re-lit once more.
In that instance, I felt sorry not for my safety, but his.

He had an alluring, rugged look which was enough to wake downstairs,
Lips full, eyes mysterious, sculptured brown body.
Bulky arms with one decorated in a tribal tattoo peeked out from his wife-beater,
Luring my inner wild to delicately touch,
And if needed, a bite and a lick.
I cared not for the way I openly feasted on his features,
The amount of seduction and passion that oozed from him,
Creating a foreign feeling, creating havoc in one's insides,
Devilish whispers to seduce and to eat,
To know the taste of his essence as I drank.
He stands there with amusement written all over his features,
Smirking as he leans against the closed door,
Probably knowing the dirty thoughts that stabbed within,
Pool becoming a pond.

To rid thoughts of bending down on my knees in front of him,
I walk towards the other side of the store,
Distracting myself by browsing through the album lists,
Noticing him lingering close.
Anything in particular?”, he says huskily as he stands,
And I embarrassingly groan as I hear the sexiness his voice projects,
Already imagining his bedroom talk would be,
Whispering my name as his lips trace paths on my inner thighs.
Goodie Mobb”, I whisper, before repeating it clearer.
I would no doubt be considered an idiot,
If I didn't notice the way his eyes roamed my body approvingly,
Intense as they lingered on my short skirt,
Eyes trained on the mile-long legs I had fortunately inherited from mother.
I didn't miss the way his eyes grew even darker,
Or the emerging bulge behind the sweats,
My lips his stare's prime target.

He leads me towards the back store room,
Smirking lightly as he feels my gaze on him.
Adding a little sexiness to his walk,
Smiling as he hears the tiny sigh I accidentally lets out,
Knowing full well my brown orbs,
Are fixed perfectly on his delicious behind.
After a few minutes of asking questions,
'What type of music are you after?”,
Who is your favourite artist”,
Have you heard ATCQ's Electric Relaxation?”,
To which I hesitantly said no,
The back store room was his promise of better music.
You okay?” he turns to look behind her,
Noticing the way her tongue flicks between her lips,
Eyes newly trained on the bulk of his shoulders.
Indeed I am”, I reply softly, holding his gaze.
He just smiles, the seductive smile on his features,
Calling, beckoning the wild beast even further.
You'll like their song”, he says,
heading towards a stack of CD shelves.
If I wasn't trying to hold myself from ripping his clothes off,
I would've admire the vibe the hippy-themed room gave.
If I wasn't trying to calm the hormones that let off pressure,
I would've asked how much the white sofa in the corner was,
Comfortable, fluffy, inviting.
If I wasn't standing there with a look of pure lust and heat,
He would've been on his way.
Alas, great minds think alike,
Heaven's forbid them clashing,
And in that moment, after he had finished pressing 'play',
I knew I wasn't the only one with a beast within.
The game had begun.

Stretch out your legs, let me make you bawl,
Drive you insane, drive you up the wall.

The lust within was no way as fierce as his,
Proven when he reached over and pull me against his boy,
Lips making a straight beeline towards mine.
I couldn't help the shocked gasp, neither could he reign in his beast,
Immediately taken advantage of my shock by exploring my mouth,
With his ultimate weapon.
His tongue in my mouth sent me into a lust-filled frenzy,
Our tongues battling for dominance, arms battling for first place position,
Who Can Strip The Other The Fastest?
I take my tongue out from exploring his mouth,
Choosing to bite his lower lip as my hands weave through his hair,
Newly exposed breasts pressed against his naked chest,
His hands pushing them high, inviting him for a taste-test.
He groans, which in turn makes me moan from the sound,
Loving the way his rough hands feel delicately roaming the hardened lumps,
Closing my eyes when I feel his fingers circling my sensitive nipples.
I bet you taste like melon”, he says when I finish sucking his bottom lip,
Eyes trained solely on the perky objects in his hands.
See for yourself”, I whisper desperately,
Even using my hands to push his head down to take one in his mouth,
But his beast plays dirty, and I fail to see his smirk with my eyes shut.
Beg”, he places his tongue in my ear as he whispers in,
Licking inside before biting my earlobe, still circling the now rock-hard lumps.
His smirk turns even more seductive as I open my eyes with shock,
His hands pressing harder on my nipples,
Tongue now at the ready in between the valley of my breasts,
Licking sensitive skin
Causing the heat to boil to the point of a black-out.
And without any hesitation, a whispered 'Please!”, is out,
And a hardened nipple is in.

I'll have you weak in the knees that you can hardly speak,
Or we could do like Uncle L and swing an ep in my jeep,
Keep it down, yo, we keep it discrete.

The comfortable couch now turns into an interfering object,
Naked as a newborn, trying to find a comfortable position,
Impatiently waiting on it as I watch him take off those damned sweats,
Slowly, mockingly.
He sees the desperation in my eyes, the smirk still evident,
Another barrier appears when the sweats are off,
And he laughs when he hears the small huff I let out when I see his boxers,
Devil spawn!, I scream internally, when I watch him crouch in front of me,
Boxers still on.
He leans forward and kisses my lips harshly,
Which immediately settles the impatience and ignites the fire once more,
And I forget that he still has clothes on.
Gasping as I feel the sudden entry of fingers,
I guess time is of the essence,
Since he craves to have mine.
His lips do nothing to distract me from the roughness of his fingers,
And honestly, the pain is more than bearable,
Too addictive and driving one wild.
An experienced multi-tasker he is, as he sucks with his mouth,
Pumps his fingers in me with another,
Stroking my stomach with his other hand,
All while whispering sweet-nothings against my lips,
Smiling as he sees me wither underneath him with lust.
That's a good girl”, he'd repeat with a desirable smile ,
When I'd grab his bulge while panting and moaning my way through the night.

Let me hit it from the back, girl I won't catch hermia,
Bust off on your couch, now you got Seaman's Furniture.

Q-Tip raps in the background, while we're at it full-force,
Twenty three minutes after he ravished my core with his mouth,
When he completed his taste-test.
He stands in front of me now in all his gloriousness,
Which he then teasingly brings towards my face,
And now I have the power in my hands.
The sultry smirk now on my face,
Knowing full well what would bring him to beg.
Unfortunately for me, his beast outwits my own,
And as soon as I feel the tip of his head on my lips,
Quick as can be, he bends, spreading my legs wide,
Entering hard and fast.
I don't have time to feel the shock,
Because such a move causes the lust to hit full-force.
He pumps in and out quickly,
Gripping my thighs to spread my legs wider,
Eyes passionate and clouded with animalistic lust,
Watching me look at him, eyes wide, mouth open,
Moans regularly making themselves present.

As soon as I close in on my high,
Close to the edge, the screams start coming.
I'm riding cloud nine, literally.
He groans as he feels my essence against him,
The tightness against his hardened member too much,
And before long, he starts grunting, the pace quickens,
And with a jerk, I feel it.
Sly as a fox he is, for he lets loose in my core,
Mixing our essences together,
Before pulling out and sliding his member in my mouth,
Taking advantage when I was still in the middle of a moan,
Still riding my high.
He tastes sweet, his hot and sticky juice coating my mouth,
The most memorable taste my mouth will ever come across.
I drink him all in, opening wide while he pumps my face slowly,
The beautiful smile on his features,
Spread on the couch, in the local music store.

Take you on the ave and you buy me links,
Now I wanna pound the pootang until it stinks.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

In The Laundry Room

He bumps into her in the shared laundry room of their flat.

The instant his eyes see her, stiff as a stick he becomes. He's been imagining her naked and trembling under him for days, ever since he first saw her moving in, her big and plump bottom teasing him as she climbed the stairs with a few of her belongings. The view from where he was standing was enough to send any man to Heaven immediately. Her legs went on for miles, reminding him of the beautiful Victoria Secret models, their perfect legs running on, smooth and lickable. He knew without any doubt that her legs would put theirs to shame; her tanned mocha, mile-long legs attached to the most amazing thick hips his poor soul had ever witnessed. The higher she had climbed, the harder he had become, watching those hips bounce side to side as she took a step, his eyes glued to the jiggle her hips happily kept making. Her long chocolate-brown hair flowed freely behind her, and he been hit with a picture of a beautiful girl underneath him, her hair spread wildly all over his pillow as he made love to her endlessly. Unfortunately, the keys that had been jiggling in his hands as he watched her from the bottom of the staircase hadn't alerted her of his presence, and so he was yet to put a beautiful face to the most sexiest back view of a mocha-skinned woman.

If he thought she was more beautiful from the back, he was definitely mistaken.

As soon as her eyes met his in the laundry room, he was hit with another load of raw lust. Her eyes were a beautiful hazel-brown, skin a tantalising smooth mocha, lips a natural colour of ruby red. The hair that teased him in his dreams was flowing around her shoulders, her natural curls framing her body and giving her an innocent, angelic look. He could literally see her lashes from where he was standing, thick and curled. She had no make-up on, and he knew she didn't even need it. Hell, the woman didn't even need clothes. She wore a tight black singlet and black yoga tights that outlined her every curve and showcased her mouth-watering hourglass figure. He couldn't help but lick his lips as he stared at how delicious her curves were on that body, and it was exactly the kind of body that got him rock hard during the night.
The way she was staring at him now, it wasn't helping. He could feel his hard cock against his thigh, begging to be released. It yearned to be unleashed, and pummel straight into what he knew would be the best pussy he would ever bury himself in. The innocent stare she was giving him had him cursing under his breath, trying to get in control of his raging cock. Pound her, his conscience told him roughly. Pound the fuck out of her and make her yours. She bit her lip as she stared, tilting her head as she held a small washing basket in her arms. He groaned inwardly, closing his eyes to rid himself of the sinful devil that was giving him the biggest hard-on ever. The 8-inch cock that he was proud of was stiff straight, and he honestly felt so numb that he was scared it'll fall off from the pressure of wanting to be buried deep but being unable to. He took a step back, knowing he had to get out of the room before he took her with force. Just as long as I don't hear her voice. If I hear it, I will fucking put it in her big mouth. Opening his eyes, he immediately looked at the wall above her head and turned around to back out of the door. Don't talk, don't fucking open your mouth bitc-


He lost it. He could feel the wetness on the tip of his dick. To say he was shocked was an understatement. He was proud to admit he had buried his 8-inch monster in more than enough girls, but never was he this hard! Everyone he knew admitted that he was a good-looking fella, so getting girls to spread their legs before him was as easy as doing addition. Girls were attracted to the charm he projected, and his smile could take any breath away. Being known around the neighbourhood and having connections was an advantage, and club-hopping was a weekly routine for him, always being able to score a beautiful and eager woman in the club and bring her home for the night. But never....never had he ever been rock solid for a woman that he literally cummed in his jeans. Fuck, he didn't even touch the busty brunette and got off just by hearing one word that she had uttered. He stopped moving, eyes trained at the door and trying to put his beast on a leash.

Turn around”, he hears her say in her melodic voice, low and inciting. He refuses and continues to stand facing the door, knowing if he turns around and sees her hourglass figure and big lips, he's done for. So instead of turning around, he slowly walked towards the door once more. The walk to the door feels like a marathon, and he scolds himself for walking far into the laundry room and not noticing her behind the laundry cupboard door until it closed. It literally feels as if he has been walking for miles, trying to escape the sex goddess that he desperately needs to taste.

What a pussy”, she calls out loudly just as he walks out the door, and once more he comes to a stop. What the fuck? Immediately he turns and looks at her, seeing her perched on the dryer machine, her legs spread wide on the sides of the machine, hands holding the front, her hazel-brown irises blazing as she looks at him with a sultry smirk. What the double fuck? How did he not hear her climb on that damn dryer?

What did you call me?”, he says huskily, trying to give her an intimidating glare. She just raises a perfectly-shaped eyebrow, licking her lips slowly.

I called you a pussy”.


You know why”, she says with a grin, before replacing her hands with her elbows so her big and perfectly-round ass hovers higher as her upper body moves lower. She tilts her head at him, licking her lips once more. He knows immediately what she is trying to do, but he can't be fucked for games. He just has one mission, and he wants to make sure by the end of it, it is accomplished. He walks back in quickly, before locking the laundry door and moving straight to her. She gets back up from on her elbows, shocked to see the determined, angry look on his handsome features as he stomps towards her. Immediately he attacks her with his lips, finding hers to be exactly how he imagined: sweet, full and delicious. His rough and calloused hands hold her face to his, unable to force down the dominating hold that lust has on him. Pulling her hair back harshly, he leaves her lips to attack her neck, kissing hard on her soft mocha skin for a few seconds before his conscience demands him to go hard, which ultimately equals love-bites. His teeth graze her skin with harsh intent, and he laughs inwardly when he hears her shocked gasps and whimpers. After attacking her throat and covering it in big, black bruises of bites, he returns her lips, not caring to see if she is hurting or not. Judging by the closing of her eyes and the soft moans she projects, she is enjoying it. He can't and won't accept that.

You think I'm a pussy, sweetie?”, he spits in her ear, before forcing his tongue into her mouth, finding her tongue and then using his teeth to bite hard on it. She gasps, and he brings one hand onto her face hard to keep her still.

I'll show you pussy”, he says with an evil glint in his eyes, before he steps back from her, the lust overclouding every good judgement his mind was sadly having trouble conjuring. She stares at him, and he knows she wants him. It's evident with the way the disappointment flashed through her eyes when he stepped back, and the tightening of her nipples through the tight singlet that covered the melons he yearned to devour. Good, no bra. Less work to do, he tells himself as he looks at her with no smile.

Get off the dryer, and get on your fucking knees. Now”. She whimpers, which makes his still raging cock fire a little more. He walks towards her, grabbing a round and full breast before squeezing it hard. He smiles as he hears her whimper, stubbornly trying to hold down the pain as he roughly handles her asset.

I said now”, and without further ado, he introduces his rough hands to her beautiful brown hair that had been teasing him. Weaving his fingers through her hair, he leans in and inhales the smell of coconut and mint. Her shampoo hits him with another shitload of lust, which then demands his fingers to grab hold. Pulling her hair roughly, he walks backwards and pulls, a tiny bit sorry for her as she screams out in protest as she reaches over to place her delicate fingers on top of his hands to pull it away. Lust has officially made itself comfortable in both his body and mind, so he only laughs when he pushes her to the laundry carpet floor in front of him. She gives him a glare, but he can tell she wants it just as much as he, and so he gives in to the need and pulls out his already sticky 8-inch thick, big cock. The look on her face is priceless, as if she has never seen a humongous-sized cock before. With a big Kim Kardashian booty like hers, she's probably ridden more than enough. I'll make sure she remembers this ride then.
His black boxers and open jeans are wrapped around his ankles, and he proudly stands showing off the tool he plans to push into her barriers. She stares at his length memorised, her mouth open in amazement as she kneels before him. He can't hold off any longer, and immediately pulls her head forward and pushes his big cock into her mouth. The feeling is intense, and he feels as if he has finally reached Heaven's gates. Her mouth is warm around his shaft and he can feel her tongue trying to find space in her own mouth as he dominates it. He groans, watching her as she closes her eyes and tries to accommodate his length. She knows what she has to do as the minutes go by, looking up at him with her big, innocent eyes as she sucks his hard cock, her bobbing up and down, licking up, down and around. He nearly gets off as she tries to take him deeper, her lips close to reaching his ball sac, the choking sounds she lets out making him pant and mutter swear words out loud.

Harder”, he commands, holding her head with both hands from behind as he takes over, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth and throat, fucking the big red lips and tongue that had caused him trouble in his dreams. He fucks her mouth hard, muttering rough words to her as she tries to take him in with every thrust, her hands holding the back of his thighs for support. He gives it to her hard, liking how stubborn she can be even when dominated, as she refuses to drop eye contact with him. After a few minutes of fucking her face, he feels his release coming, and so he pushes his cock into her mouth hard, her mouth swallowing more than enough inches to have him content. His sweet and hot cum is released into her mouth as he thrusts one last time in her face, and he immediately stops moving to watch her swallow and lick every drop off his member. He takes it out of her mouth for a moment, just to leave spread some of his sweet nectar on the top her hair before placing the tip of his cock back in her mouth for her to finish swallowing. He wants to make sure by the end of it, she is soaked and covered in his cum. The smile on his face is there as he watching the beautiful creature below him having trouble taking in every drip, which makes his essence dribble down her chin and chest. Fascinated, he watches as it drips between the valley of her big breasts, and he takes it as a sign that tasting those hardened nipples needs to be done immediately.
He takes his rough act a notch down, taking his now-softened and sticky cock out of her mouth and pulls her up to help her stand. She looks at him innocently and with a sly grin, her chin, hair and chest still coated in his essence. He takes the chance to kiss her and taste himself on her juicy lips. Wrapping his arms around her waist, their tongues come together in a dominate war-dance, tasting and touching each other, the taste of his juices still lingering on the tip of her tongue. He releases her after a few seconds and without word, lifts her up onto the dryer. Removing the boxers and jeans from his ankles, he takes his singlet off and then starts taking hers off. The sight of her big and perfectly-rounded breasts makes his cock start to feel once more, and he wastes no time in taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking on it hard. She moans loudly, wrapping her legs around his thighs as he hovers over her body and assaults her tits with his tongue. He takes his time on each breast, using the cum he left on her chest and rubbing them on her breasts, sucking and twisting each nipple hard. He gets creative, using one hand to play with one nipple while the other follows the path down to her yoga pants. He slips inside, shocked to find no thong or underwear blocking his path. Even better. He reaches his destination and immediately starts his rubbing, and as the minutes go by and her pants and whimpers are more louder, he decides to use fingers. As soon as he feels her become undone, he immediately goes in for the kill, the big one.
It takes him less than ten seconds to remove her yoga pants, and five seconds to enter her. Spreading her legs wide as she lays on the dryer, he embraces this moment. He loves the feel of her tight pussy against his hardened cock, groaning at how tight and warm she feels around him. After a few seconds of adjustment, he starts to thrust, holding her hour-glass waist as he threads in and out of her delicious body. Watching her moan and keep eye-contact with him is the sexiest thing he knows he has ever witnessed. They stare at one another as he pounds her pussy, her hand on her breasts as she watches his thick cock assault the jewel between her thighs. As her pants are doubled, so is the speed he creates. He picks up the pace, thrusting in and out of her wet pussy, both slowly reaching towards cloud nine. She plays with her breasts and leans her head back, closing her eyes as her climax draws nearer. His eyes are drawn to her hard, pink nipples as he pumps, watching as they jiggle and tease. Soon she reaches her climax, screaming and holding onto his hands as he pumps faster than before. He feels her wetness surround him, which takes him to the edge, and after a few more rounds of owning her pussy with his hardened length, he releases into her. She is already bouncing on cloud nine, her clit the most sensitive it has ever been. He rubs a bit of his cum onto her stomach and smiles as he sees her giggle, her eyes still closed, her body still riding on cloud nine.

After letting her rest for a few minutes, he is back to owning her.
Licking her out, Taking her in the ass, owning her every curve.
He marks her as his. Well, at least his cum does.
In the laundry room.
Locked In The Bar Bathroom – Mel Afoa

When I get that feeling,
I want sexual healing,

Licking my lips, swinging my hips,
I walk into the bar with a sultry smile.
Wearing little under a body-hugging blue laced dress,
Should've gone Commando.
Hair pulled to one side, the long waves loose,
Brown with a hint of sun-kiss blonde,
Eyes a similar shade, though a butter pecan-brown,
Legs going on for miles, smooth and tanned brown,
Covered in eight-inch 'Take Me Home' black heels,
The curves on my body perfectly placed,
Breasts full, hips thick, good-sized waist.
A touch of mascara, a hint of clear lip-gloss,
Is all that is needed.

I notice you as you stand there in the corner with your boys,
Head bumping to Marvin Gaye,
And I lick my lips as I conjure up a detailed vision,
Of your lips on mine,
Giving me that sexual healing.
Your sudden hip thrusts to the chorus get me weak all of a sudden,
The heat between my legs growing bolder,
The feeling of want increasing with every thrust you make.
You notice me watching, a wink comes my way,
So I smile, raise my wet pussy shot to you,
And swallow.
The move makes your dancing stop, eyes glued to my throat,
And within seconds, you leave them and walk my way.
I won't lie, I get slightly nervous.
The nerves rack my body as you move closer with each step,
And so I stand there breathing slowly,
Thinking about what the night will hold.

The first thing I notice as stand in front of me,
Is your height.
Tall, built and delicious are the words I'd use to describe you,
Mouth-watering, gorgeous, big are back-ups.
I'm a sucker for facial hair, so as I glance at yours,
The heat is on a new level.
My eyes tracing your flawless features,
Eyes a perfect shade of light brown, hair full of untamed curls,
Lips full, muscles in all places,
And a sleeve tattoo snaking along your right arm,
My biggest weakness.
You're a tease”, you huskily whisper in my ear,
Even when Sexual Healing plays loudly in the background,
And without warning, you bite my earlobe softly,
And sparks immediately fly within, and below.
You lean towards me, softly kissing my neck,
And that's when I realize: the game has started.

Half an hour later, we're in the bar's disability toilets,
Pushed up against the wall, dress and thong long since abandoned,
One hand behind me, the other pulling your hair,
Your tongue licking my most sensitive spot,
Legs spread wide while you lean over me,
That possessive mouth of yours a killer.
I could literally feel you smirking when my moans unwillingly come out,
But I can't be bothered dealing with your ego,
When I'm in a state of ecstasy.
Blinded by passion, I can only feel,
Eyes closed as I ride cloud nine,
A few of your rough fingers going hard,
Entering in me, exploring my most delicate place,
Tongue playing chase and mouse with my clit,
Fire playing with fire.

Twenty minutes later, I find myself on my knees,
Both our clothes are long abandoned,
Door closed and key thrown away.
I watch with satisfaction as you throw you head back and groan,
Panting as you close your eyes while in a state of lust,
Loving the way I flick my tongue on the tip of your dick,
Teasing you with my slow licks,
Up and down, in and out.
You push my head to take you deeper and I do with no hesitation,
The sounds of my choking making you pant harder,
Your hips thrusting as you push your cock in and out of my mouth,
The slowest of slows, before you start pumping up the speed,
Pumping hard, pumping fast,

Ten minutes later, you're in me.
Your expert hands hold my body hostage, hands holding my legs,
Spreading them as far as can go,
Your cock pumping hard into my core,
It's thickness and length pushing all boundaries.
You're rough, but intimately sweet as well,
Running your hands on my body as you pump,
Fingers lingering over my hardened nipples,
Casually leaning down to kiss my swollen lips,
Laughing as you kiss away the moans and screams that come through them.
We're on the dirty bathroom floor,
Locked in a bar bathroom.